Make Sure Your Vehicles Continue to Perform with Complete Bumper-to-Bumper Repair

If you manage one or more vehicles in your fleet, it’s important to make sure your vehicles can continue performing at their best. Otherwise, your business could suffer from a lack of productivity and potentially expensive downtime. With the help of our bumper-to-bumper repair services, we can maximize the longevity of your vehicles and keep them performing the way they should.

Based on what your vehicles specifically require, we can provide a number of services to improve their performance. No part of your vehicle will remain overlooked with complete care at the hands of our expertly trained and knowledgeable professionals.

Some vehicle components we can help service include:

  • Steering and Axle Parts — Kingpins, pinion sets, power steering pumps, and lift axles
  • Brake and Wheel End — Wheels, hubs, shoes, engine brakes, valves, coils, and bearings
  • Climate Control Systems — Heat pumps, HVAC equipment, and automatic climate controls
  • Fuel Systems — Fuel filters, fuel heating systems, and water and fuel separators
  • Chassis and Suspension — Leaf springs, drawbars, shock absorbers, and air springs
  • Exhaust Systems — Fan blades, mufflers, oil filters, belts, and ether starting systems
  • Chemicals and Accessories — Hydraulics, sealants, adhesives, degreasers, and gaskets
  • Drivetrain — Transmissions, u-joints, power take-offs, and clutches
  • Lights and Electrical Components — Auxiliary power, starters, batteries, and alternators

We can handle the full scope of your fleet to effectively manage each vehicle. Every part of your vehicle will receive the attention and service it needs to ensure optimal functionality. We can diagnose any potential issues through our comprehensive diagnostics service. Our mechanics will then determine which services your vehicle needs and repair, rebuild, or replace each piece of equipment as required. The result will be a fleet that provides you with consistent results, with vehicles built to last.

Bumper-to-Bumper Repairs for Every Vehicle in Your Fleet

Regardless of the scope of your fleet or the types of vehicles it contains, you’ll get everything you need with complete vehicle care. We can cover every inch of your single vehicle, or we can help manage and maintain hundreds or even thousands of vehicles. We can work with a wide variety of heavy-duty diesel trucks, and we also have experience with diesel cars. We’ll work with you to provide top-tier bumper-to-bumper repair services for every vehicle on your lot. We can also bring services to your facility if you want to keep all of your vehicles on your company premises.

Keep Your Vehicles Up and Running with Our Team of Professionals

We understand the importance of having a fleet that continues working for you. When you employ our bumper-to-bumper repair services and others, you’ll benefit from minimized downtime and top-performing vehicles. Well-maintained vehicles mean more cost savings for you and your business. Your entire fleet will be able to stay in great shape with the help of our experienced technicians behind every service. Additionally, we have access to top-quality parts and equipment to increase your vehicle’s lifespan.

In addition to bumper-to-bumper repair services, we provide a host of other services to manage every aspect of your vehicles. We offer everything from cab climate control and engine repairs to 24-hour roadside assistance. In turn, your vehicles will never be at risk of causing you grief for long. Regardless of where or when you need service, we’ll be there to provide it.

To team up with us as your bumper-to-bumper partner, schedule an appointment today and we’ll connect you with one of our representatives.