Get Your Vehicles Back Up and Running with Equipment and Trailer Repairs

If your equipment or trailer is damaged or experiences a certain degree of wear, your vehicles and business operations could suffer. To prevent your vehicles from failing, we offer equipment and trailer repair services that can keep your assets in top shape. We can provide custom services based on the specific needs of your diesel trucks.

Depending on what you require, we offer a selection of services to get your vehicles back on the road in short order.

Preventative Maintenance

Every type of vehicle requires preventative care to avoid costly breakdowns and downtime. We offer reliable preventative maintenance based on your availability to keep your vehicles running with optimal efficiency. We can service one to thousands of vehicles without any compromise in quality for large-scale fleets.

Equipment Repairs

Our highly trained and experienced technicians can perform diagnostics to identify issues with any type of equipment, including tow-behind machines, heavy-duty construction vehicles, and more. We’ll inspect your engine and transmission for any potential problems and provide custom-tailored services based on your specific requirements.

Trailer Repairs

Trailers that sustain any damage could present certain issues such as safety risks, the potential for damaged loads, and reduced gas mileage. To prevent these problems, we can perform repairs on damaged trailers to facilitate optimal performance. We can provide repairs for any component of your trailers, including brakes, doors, lighting, tires, hubs and seals, and ABS. Welding services can further maintain your trailers and maximize their longevity.

Repairs for Any Type of Diesel Truck

When you turn to Diesel Engine Auto Shop for equipment and trailer repair services and preventative care, we can meet your vehicle’s individual needs. We have worked with a wide array of vehicles from top manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Fuller, Detroit, and more. We work to understand the ins and outs of your specific vehicle to provide the most appropriate services. In doing so, we’ll help you get consistent results from your fleet and protect your business from potentially expensive breakdowns.

We have all of the equipment, supplies, and staff needed to fully service your equipment and trailers, regardless of your vehicle’s make or model. Whenever you work with us, you can remain comfortable knowing that your trucks are in good hands. You’ll never receive subpar services when you schedule preventative maintenance or repairs. Whether you need minor or major repairs, we’re here to provide lasting results that effectively maintain your fleet and improve your bottom line.

Experience Unparalleled Equipment & Trailer Repair Services

If you want to benefit from equipment and trailer repair services you can trust, employ the experts at Diesel Engine Auto Shop. We also provide other services that can help maintain your diesel trucks or cars, including fleet maintenance management, engine repairs, and bumper-to-bumper service. We’ll work to understand your vehicle’s individual needs and provide fully customized services to keep your vehicles in peak condition. You’ll be able to greatly extend the lifespan of your equipment and truck trailers with a team of qualified professionals behind every service. Additionally, we have access to top-quality parts and can match parts to any vehicle to ensure the right fit.

Want to find out more about our equipment and trailer repair services and get started on custom services for your vehicles? Schedule an appointment with Diesel Engine Auto Shop today. We’ll put you in touch with one of our representatives to set a date and time to bring your vehicle into our shop.