Benefit from Repairs and More to Keep Your Transmission in Top Shape

If you require transmission repairs or other services for a diesel vehicle, we can get your vehicle up and running again with some of the most reliable services available. We’ll help maximize your transmission’s lifespan and optimize its performance, which can keep your vehicle functioning properly. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide a number of services for transmissions.


Is your transmission experiencing certain problems such as slipping? We have the equipment needed to perform in-depth diagnostics to identify the specific issue. Based on our findings, we can then determine which services to provide, whether you need basic repairs or a complete overhaul.

Transmission Repairs

For transmissions requiring repairs, we can provide a variety of repair services depending on the problem. We can repair flywheels, clutch plates, and other parts to keep your transmission in great shape. In the process, you can benefit from a longer transmission lifetime and get the most from your transmission.


Sometimes, more extensive services will be required for transmissions. If basic repairs won’t do the job, we offer rebuild services that will effectively restore your transmission. We can disassemble, clean, repair, and re-assemble a vehicle’s transmission if needed.

Complete Replacements

Customers may experience a failing transmission while the rest of their vehicle is still in working order. In these instances, our customers may not want to invest in a brand new vehicle when it’s more cost-effective to replace the transmission. Based on your needs, we can provide a high-quality replacement that gets your vehicle on the road again in no time. This can help minimize downtime and keep you in business.

Services for Any Diesel Vehicle

Regardless of the specific services you require from us, we can meet the needs of all types of diesel vehicles. From heavy-duty trucks to diesel cars, we can service their transmissions with repairs, rebuilds, and more. Some of the specific vehicles we can service include:

  • Semi-trucks
  • Buses
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Construction vehicles

We’ll be able to perform diagnostics for transmission problems experienced with your vehicle. Our experts can then take the steps needed to revive your transmission and help you on your way. If you’re ever experiencing any type of transmission problem, take your vehicle in for service at Diesel Engine Auto Shop. We have the staff, supplies, and equipment necessary to service your transmission, maintaining both affordability and efficacy.

In addition to single vehicles, we can also service an entire fleet of any size. Are you an independent contractor relying on a single vehicle? We’ll make sure it continues to work for you. Do you need service for thousands of vehicles on your lot? Our technicians can come to you and help maintain your fleet from top to bottom.

Get the Transmission Services You Need and More

Whether you require basic repairs or a complete replacement for your transmissions, we can provide you with some of the best services available. Simply take your vehicle in, and we’ll perform diagnostics to identify the specific problem. Our staff can also provide other diesel services based on your individual requirements. Some of our additional services include diesel engine repairs, preventative maintenance, fleet maintenance management, cab climate control, and bumper-to-bumper service. Whatever your vehicles need, we can provide you with consistently reliable service and equipment. You’ll never have to worry about your vehicle breaking down for long with the help of our experienced technicians.

If you would like to get started on transmission services for your vehicle, schedule an appointment with us today.